so I have this life-size cardboard cut-out of the joker.  I brought it to my dorm my sophomore year of college.  

in the fall I used to set him up facing outside the window so that people in the apartments and dorms across the courtyard would get the shit scared out of them from seeing the joker watching and plotting. I thought it was pretty good trolling. sadly, I realized I could never actually know the results of my anarchic scheme, so I eventually stopped doing it. 

flash forward to the very end of my junior year.

I’m talking with my (different) roommates about something when one of them starts telling me this story about the time she looked out the window and this guy was staring at her and she was terrified and then in the morning the realized some asshole had put a fucking cardboard cut-out of the joker next to the window.

i was that asshole

just a dog chasing cars (and then i actually caught one)